Gateway Preserve
8 Ball Pond Road map21.7 AcresTrails: no
17 Autumn Ridge Road
map5.2 Acres  Trails: no
These two parcels are our first land holdings.   The two parcels are abutting and were acquired by the Town as permanent open space from two different subdivisions.   The larger parcel is the wide wetland visible on Route 39 directly across from Milltown Road .   The land is quite wet and has been known to be the habitat for beavers, fox, deer, and many species of birds.   The 5+-acre parcel is sloping forestland above the swamp accessed from the cul-de-sac on Autumn Ridge Road , which is where we may create a minor trail loop in the future.
Donated by the Town of New Fairfield   7/22/1998
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Shortwoods Preserve
90 Shortwoods Road            2 acres
This property was donated by when the owner had moved out of state. He had not been able to sell it for development and offered it to the Land Trust for donation. Although it is a small parcel of forested land, it abuts the Pootatuck State Forest and gave additional roadside access.
Donated by Edward Ashe                       9/27/2005
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Komlo Preserve
140 Route 37            26 acres
An idyllic setting with open meadows, wildlife sanctuary, forested wetlands, a man made pond and situated right in the center of town. This donation came from Joseph Komlo as the Open Space for the Dunham Pond Condominiums. The pond, which was made when gravel was mined for the building of Route 37, is home to a wide array of wildlife. Beavers, ducks and geese all rely on this habitat. There is also a sizable heronry right at the edge of the forest. This property is the southern end of the Shortwoods Brook Aquifer. We hope to create a greenway all the way to its northern point on Beaver Bog Road.
Donated by Joseph Komlo 9/28/2004
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Beaver Bog Mountain Preserve
83 Pine Hill Road
7.9 acres
This land was donated as the Open Space portion of small development of land that used to be part of the Delorey Farm. The land is accessed through an easement at the end of the road where the land starts to climb the eastern slope of Beaver Bog Mountain. The parcel is close to large Great Hollow forest formerly owned by Merritt.
Donated by Skeeter Development LLC 4/16/2004
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Hahlawah Preserve
47 Ball Pond east               .9 Acres
8 Brook Wood Road           7.2 Acres
1 Weldon Woods Road     2.7 Acres  
Over ten acres in 3 parcels donated by the developer.   The two larger parcels were designated Open Space forestland with the smaller, one of the two, surrounding Ball Pond Brook.   The smallest parcel is on Ball Pond and, although it is deeded with some community access rights, we intend to keep it as a buffer zone for lake protection. The Boy Scouts have created a lakeside trail system on this parcel, complete with bog bridges and seating. 
Donated by Weldon Woods LLC 12/21/2001
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Sweetcake Mountain Preserve (39.9 Acres)
21,44,51 Woodcreek Road  (click here for location/directions)              Trails:
This property was donated by the Fox family as a means to preserve the land in its natural state in perpetuity. These lands, collectively known as The Sweetcake Mountain Preserve are our most important acquisitions to date. Not only are they our largest, with over 40 acres, but it is also an incredibly beautiful property comprised of open deciduous forest, dense mountain laurel under story, hemlock stands and rock outcroppings like the "Comer" offering spectacular views of Candle wood Lake. Sweetcake Mountain also represents the first NFLT property open to public access with almost 2 miles of trails built by Eagle Scout Brian Stoddard and friends.
The trail also winds through the forest passing "Fox Family Memorial". This outcrop of bedrock has been inscribed by the Fox Children honoring their parents Charles and Dorothea Fox, long time residents of New Fairfield.
Donated by siblings, Charles, Robert, Catlin Fox and Rebecca Rice 4/27/2001
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Titicus Mountain Preserve
33 Madeline Drive 16.6 Acres  (click here for location/directions)           Trails:
4 Madeline Drive 2.3 Acres
These 2 parcels are a donation made as the open space fulfillment of the Sonneborn Estates.   The smaller parcel is a wetland near the beginning of the new road and will be left in its natural state.   The larger parcel will be accessed through an easement at the end of the new road, Madeline Drive.   With some hard work from Eagle Scout Bobby Keogh and friends we have opened up a trail system on this parcel that takes you in a loop through the sloping deciduous forest and down to a stream.
Donated by Rick Jowdy 5/17/2002
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Pootatuck Preserve (9.7 Acres)
230 Pine Hill Road  (click here for location/directions)                           Trails:
The Pootatuck State Forest borders this beautiful forestland on 3 sides. The property to its north is a huge tract owned by Timber Trails Association and stretches up into Sherman.   In fact, the only way to access the property is along the State Forest road that cuts the land in half as it temporarily leaves the state forest and enters once again on the far side of the 9.7 acres.   There is also a state forest hiking trail cutting through the property that connects with the rest of the trail system that includes Look Out Point.   This land gives us a good opportunity to work with the State, although they have shown some interest in purchasing it from us.
Donated by Betty Stote 3/15/2002
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Finn’s Land Preserve   ( 14.8 Acres )
13 Rock Ridge Road  (click here for location/directions)                     Trails:       
Open Space from a new subdivision of 70 acres off of Dick Finn Road.   Half of the forested area is a wetland with vernal pools.   The surrounding area is dry and has an existing trail system used by hikers and bikers alike.   These lands abut CL&P, Pootatuck, and the Nixon estate – large area designated for conservation.   We have created a trail from the Rock Ridge subdivision. This was done by Boy Scout, Dan Schosser and crew. We hope to connect a trail to the Pootatuck State Forest parking area on Shortwoods Road for additional access.
Donated by Gary Mead 1/30/2001
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Bigelow Pond Preserve
51 Bigelow Road                 15.2 acres     
Mostly a lightly wooded wetland stretching from Route 37 North of Beaver Bog back to Bigelow Road. A small man-made pond surrounded by homes is close to Bigelow Road.   Our plans are to keep it as a wildlife sanctuary as public access is limited.
Donated by Renc Assoc. 12/15/2000
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Hidden Valley Nature Center   (14 Acres)
Gillotti Road  (click here for location/directions)                                  Trails:
Hidden Valley Nature Center was created in 1960 by a handful of local residents. Situated in the middle of our school campus' it was in an ideal location to serve as both a sanctuary and an environmental education center. Frances Gillotti, on of the original founders became the Center's volunteer Director from 1960 to 1972. The town's Conservation Commission then took on the responsibility of operating the area and hiring Program Directors, which it continued through the 1980s. During the 1990s however the center fell on some hard times with budget cuts, vandalism, arson and damage from construction projects all taking their toll. Fortunately volunteer efforts from Boy Scout troop 137 and the Lion's Club helped to revive the Center. When the NFLT discovered that there did not exist any permanent protection, we pursued a conservation easement on the land. We also tried to enlarge the 12+ acres to include an additional 5 acres to the north, but were only successful in gaining 2 more of those acres. Today Hidden Valley Nature Center is the site of our annual Earth Day Celebration that we co-sponsor with Park & Rec. as well as other programs sponsored by both groups.
Conservation Easement from the Town of New Fairfield   11/29/2000
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Disbrow Pond Meadow
18 Saw Mill Road                      1.2 Acres 
A small parcel located on the eastern shore of Disbrow Pond, the small pond at the end of Colonial Drive.   The property is accessed from the Saw Mill Road extension and is an early succession forest with a lot of spruce and pioneer trees and meadow.   The surrounding lands are undeveloped open space with some of it owned by a local water company and some by the company that developed the area. The land is a natural oasis in a heavily developed area and is used by local residents for walking and biking. We hope to expand it in the future by obtaining some surrounding lands.
Donated by John Lacy   5/1/1999
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Shortwoods Brook Aquifer Preservation Area (2 parcels)
Parcel 1: 36 Beaver Bog Road                  17.8 Acres
Tina and her husband Jim Moskowitz were very early supporters of NFLT. Jim also became a member of our Board of Directors in our first year  Tina had purchased this and other properties that abutted her home with the intent of protecting the area from over development. This land encompassed a large portion of the northern section of the aquifer surrounding Short Woods Brook.   This is New Fairfield's main aquifer that runs to the center of town up to the Shaws's property.   A beautiful forestland made up of both dry and wetlands and includes the remnants of a man-made pond.   We believe that the area may once have been used for making charcoal as many local lands had been. Although there is currently limited access we hope to connect it with a greenway trail extending to the center of town.

Donated by Tina Redecca   3/20/1999
Parcel 2: 4A Peaceful Drive               4.5 Acres  
Very wet, forested wetland designated as open space as part of subdivision. We accepted this parcel because it abuts our 18 acres, from Tina Redecca, and is part of the aquifer and helps to maintain a larger forest area
Donated by Martin Andrews 12/21/01
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Milltown Preserve
26 Milltown Road             5.5 Acres

Our second donation came from a local builder and is a 5+ acre wooded wetland that makes up the southern border of the West Farms Estates subdivision on Milltown Road .   Dennis was about to donate this land to Swamp Field Land Trust (now called the Danbury Land Trust), until he heard about our forming, and decided to give it to us.   This property will remain as a sanctuary and buffer zone between two subdivisions.
Donated by Dennis Currier 7/29/1998
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Pootatuck Preserve
Beaver Bog Mountain Preserve
Gateway Preserve
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